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Mark Ozanich:

Franz, just loaded up the ensemble mutli I have to tell you, I think the sound and playability are quite fantastic, distinct, and on the money. Never ceases to amaze me that many big hoohah sample development projects miss the mark, at least to my ears. Then you find a little gem like this. Thanks/Mark

Hi Franz,

Just to let you know that the update installed without any problems and is a great enrichment to an already very impressive library.
In other words: thank you VERY much once again!

Kindest regards!
All the best,



Now only $ 199.-

The samples contain the reality of fretless stringed instruments. There is fluctuations in pitch and sound, as well as attacks and vibrato. These modules will add realism to many string librarys without taking away anything from their sound. The perfomers were sampled in their proper place using our binaural sound technique. No panning is needed to place the instruments.

The programming allows for a very satisfying response of the sections. Just by playing dynamically on your keyboard you are able to achieve great expressivness and realistic instrument responses. The random selection of instrument releases allows for always new sounding marcatos and spiccatos.
The "MASTER" modules can be used on their own or in context with the RELEASES and PLAYER_FADES modules.
We have also included Partial modules with limited key range. These P_ modules will create a full string orchestra with overlapping instrument ranges.

The latest addition to these modules is our VRSound_Strings_Control script.

It features a velocity display that will help you to determine which velocity values are being sent to the modules. It not only controls the articulations and sample mixes but will display which controllers are received and sent. A second display shows what the modwheel is controlling at any time. If it goes blank there is no modwheel control for the particular setting (Pizzicato).
The "auto_reset" will reset the articulation as soon as a note is triggered. For example you want to use a tremolonde note. The next note will be using the "General" articulation. It also controls the Player_Fade setting with same result. There is a delay time built into the auto reset to accomodate chords.

The tuning of the solo violin can now be use "in tune", "random" and "alternate". Another unique feature of these violins.

The velocity range compressor can be controlled by CC 18 and 19. This allows for automated fine tuning of keyboard performances.
This feature is very cool!

3RD Party Demos:
Jacques Mathias
Using VR + Advanced Orchestra
Using VR + Advanced Orchestra Violins
Using only VR Violins

Hear more demos and join the discussion at: v.i.control

Samples: 1.4 Giga Bytes
Violins, Violas:
2 x 2 + 1 players: Bow, Vibrato, Marc, Spic, Tremolonde, Mute, Pizzicato, Open Strings.
Flageolet Glissandi (above the range)
2 x 2 players: Bow, Vibrato, Marc, Spic, Tremolonde, Mute, Pizzicato, Open Strings.
2 players: Bow, Legato up/down bow, Marc, Tremolonde, Pizzicato, Ripps (below the range), Open Strings.
Release Samples and Player Fade samples.
Player Fades are fade outs performed by the players. These sound very different from fades by ADSR release and add an extra level of realism to the sampled instruments.

Realtime control:
Selects solo legato samples.
Selects Tremolonde samples.
Selects attack samples.
Selects release samples.
Selects Pizz samples.

Legato -> Bow -> Marcato -> Spiccato.
More players are added on higher velocities.

Mix: Vibrato / Bow, Tremolonde players1 / players2, Muted players1 / players2.

Mix: Bow -> Vibrato, Tremolonde players1 / players2.

Midi CC# 16 (General 1):
Sample select:
0-40 general perfomance
41-80 tremolonde
81-127 pizzicatto

Midi CC# 67 (soft pedal):
Sample select:
OFF = General perfomance samples
ON = Mute samples.

Midi CC# 65 (portamento switch):
Release select:
OFF = random release and resonance samples.
ON = Player Fade samples.

Midi CC# 17 (General 2):
Sample start of Player Fade samples from alternate release resonances to 2 sec bowed fade out.